Thursday, August 12, 2010

Parking @ Empire Shopping Gallery Subang

The new shopping mall in Subang, the Empire Shopping Gallery will be charging parking fees soon! There goes my free parking, but at least I managed to enjoy it for a month!

The parking rates they are implementing effective 16th August 2010: -

1st hour - RM 1-00
Subsequent hours - RM 1-50/hour

and that's crazy expensive!

And currently, they are going on with this stupid thing, that we have to actually take the parking ticket like other shopping malls, and when you wants to get out from there, you'll need to "validate" it at the parking payment machine, which is not convenient at all! I need to drive from B4 to B1, and park my car at the illegal parking, just to validate the parking ticket! A waste of time! What to do, it's free parking though :P
Not quite sure about the rate in Subang Parade, but should be about the same. If you are working nearby, and has been parking free in Empire, I suggest you to park your car in Subang Parade, with only RM 3-00/entry charges before 10am. Don't come out until you wanna go home, or else, it will be rather expensive too.
I am not parking neither both the area, but I've gotten myself a season pass for parkings at Wisma Consplant instead for RM 80-00/month. It's cheaper than KL's or PJ's. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie,

My name is rachel. I found ur blog thru google. Actually i will start my new job at empire office tower very soon. I still couldn't find a place that offer reasonable monthly parking rate. You have any best suggestion?

Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know how you get the season pass in Wisma Consplant? Is it open to the public? How much is the current rate? Thank you in advance.